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About Us

Suryavanshi Geomining Solution delivers a wide array of geological and mining services, spearheaded by our expert team specializing in geology, coal, diamond, gold, basemetal, critical and strategic minerals, and more. From pre-exploration to environmental management, we ensure cost-effective and sustainable solutions, maintaining the highest ethical standards.
Committed to innovation, we aim to be a leading provider of cutting-edge and sustainable mining solutions. Our mission extends beyond business success to creating a safe and supportive work environment for our employees, fostering a culture of excellence and responsibility in the industry.

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Scope of Work

Techno-legal solutions: Forest clearance, environmental study and clearance proposals, prospecting plans. Recruitment and engagement for geomining experts, for government and private sectors, PSUs.

Our Director - Mr. Hemraj Suryavanshi

Hemraj Sir was honored with the prestigious National Geoscience Award in 2016. This esteemed recognition was presented by the then-President, Pranab Mukherjee, highlighting Hemraj Sir’s exceptional contributions to the field. This accomplishment not only reflects his dedication but also underscores the caliber of expertise that defines our team at Suryavanshi Geomining Solutions.

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Our Services

Geo-Mining Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

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Surveying mineral properties, formulating exploration plans, logging boreholes, evaluating data, conducting geo-statistical assessments, and preparing resource appraisal reports, including collecting samples for lab and pilot plant tests.

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Prepare feasibility reports, mine development schemes, and environment management plans. Evaluate reports, conduct financial analysis. Determine productivity norms, oversee production planning. Remodel old mines for advanced technology.


Conducting topographic and mining surveys using DGPS technology, we measure excavation/dump stock and compute volumes. Our expertise includes creating 3D maps and implementing Digital Terrain Modeling for accurate surface mapping.


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